Hi guys!

Since I travel a lot between Singapore and the UK, I have to deal with the changes in weather and figure out how to manage my clothes so that I don’t have to bring separate clothes for each climate. So I’ve put together a little post about it! This is how to make 12 outfits out of these items: a knitted jumper, a tartan button up, a plain t-shirt dress, jeans, shorts, tights, jewellery and shoes. A lot of these outfits are ones I wear to school in the UK, or out in Singapore so hopefully you’ll find this helpful! (i’m actually wearing a tartan printed t-shirt dress with tights and doc marts right now!!)


outfit 1:

This first outfit is the simplest, I basically just paired the t-shirt dress with these cute black sandals. Although arguably you could bring one pair of sneakers and wear it in both climates, I really like sandals or anything with open toes so I opted for two separate pairs of shoes, one for each climate. Depending on the look you’re going for, you could pair it with the chunky statement necklace, or a more dainty little necklace.

outfit 2:

The next layer of this outfit template would be to add the tartan shirt! The shirt gives the whole outfit a completely different vibe. There is also more than one way to wear the shirt, you can have it over your dress, or tied around your waist.

outfit 3:

I’m a lot more into dresses, but if you like shorts, these next two outfits are for you. This combination is effortless yet extremely cute (and since I’m not necessarily the most comfortable with my body, it’s a lot easier than crop tops or things like that). Putting your hair up into a wired headband and you’re good to go!

outfit 4:

If you run out of outfits within your limited clothing, tucking your t-shirt dress into your shorts gives it a cute layered look. Alternatively, you could wear the shorts under without tucking the shirt into them just so that you can be more active and move around lots more without risking any wardrobe malfunctions.


outfit 1:

This outfit is what I usually wear to the airport when I’m heading back to the UK. The sweater and denim combo is super comfy (especially my topshop joni jeans which are super stretchy). The statement necklace is a nice touch if you want to look a bit less sloppy (also I love statement necklaces HAHA)

outfit 2:

This look is just really effortless. The tartan shirt is just a really casual easy thing to throw on when I’m feeling lazy but don’t want to look like a complete slob. you could just wear the tartan shirt with jeans. but if it’s too cold even with a coat, you could add another layer underneath (the t-shirt dress) and wear the tartan shirt unbuttoned!

outfit 3:

I really love t-shirt dresses! This is the simplest way to wear it on a lazy day (like today) with a coat and tights you’re definitely going to be warm!

outfit 4:

Layering your sweater over your dress not only keeps you warm, it also gives you an outfit that looks like a sweater and skirt combo! Of course you could do a bit more colour, but I generally like sticking to the same white/black/grey colour scheme.

outfit 5:

This look is basically like the earlier one for hot weather except with tights to keep you warm. The thing I love about summer clothes is that you can layer them with warmer things and they’re functional, you don’t need a whole new wardrobe for each climate.

outfit 6:

One of the few times I’m comfortable wearing shorts is when I’m wearing tights with them so I love this look! It’s really comfy yet the statement necklace makes it look like I put some effort into my look (even if I really didn’t)

outfit 7:

Once again shorts and tights (because tbh I don’t own enough pairs of jeans). The tartan shirt gives the outfit a really nice pop of colour on the black base of doc marts and tights.

outfit 8:

Last one! Pairing t-shirt dresses with basically anything works really well so if you’re trying to change it up a little, or you just feel like you don’t look like you’re wearing pants, shorts are a good way to add to this combination!

Okay that’s it guys hope this was helpful 🙂 please leave any comments if there’s anything you’d like for me to blog about!

Hi guys!!

I’ve recently decided to start this blog to keep track of my personal outfits, because I honestly sometimes don’t remember what’s nice together, or what I wore the day before. Also because I take so many photos per outfit but only post like 1 on Instagram??? (trying to justify my pretentious-ness) So this is to document my own fashion journey in a sense! To see how my styles have changed since I started, and the like. I’ll try and link directly to each item if possible, if not I’ll just try and link the website!

Just last week I flew back home for Chinese New Year, and had this whole last minute scramble for outfits, but I managed to put together a few for the first three days!!

(Day 1 outfit)

Chinese New Year is all about traditional colours, but I’m not really into reds or anything along those lines, so I decided to incorporate a little blue into my outfit. I got both my white crop top and my blue and white oriental flower printed midi skirt from boohoo. I was looking rather pasty because of the lack of sun in the UK, so all the white really helped to balance that out and give me a bit more colour. The print on the midi skirt kept things a bit more interesting (and was also extremely me because oriental prints + cobalt = Y E S)

For accessories I wore my Tiffany’s necklace, which I layered an amethyst cross over. I carried my 3.1 Phillip Lim pashli in cobalt, which I got for my birthday recently and I was really excited about!!! (once again, cobalt. I obviously have a thing for blue.) I really like how the colour of my bag matched the colour of my skirt and really made the details of both pop!
For shoes, I got these gorgeous brown (wood) platforms from Charles and Keith. I don’t really wear or own any brown shoes but when I saw the gold details on this pair I was completely sold!! The sturdy platform also meant I managed to look lots taller without risking falling on my butt.

top: boohoo.com

skirt: boohoo.com

bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim

shoes: Charles and Keith

Day 2

I have to admit that I bought the outfits for day 2 and 3 at one go because I had NO TIME I just walked into MDS and tried on a whole bunch of stuff until I found what I liked.
I got this jumpsuit because I absolutely LOVE grid prints. The culottes bottoms were also super cute and didn’t hug my thighs too tightly. This jumpsuit was perfect because the fitting top emphasized my smaller upper half and the flowy bottoms hid my lower half and gave the illusion that I’m really slim.

To continue the whole black and white thing I had going, I wore my Jeffrey Campbells, which I got for Christmas and I am still really excited about! The metal panel and the pointed toes gave the outfit a slightly edgier feel and the heels were not only cut out in a super cool design but also helped to elongate my figure slightly and make me seem taller.

jumpsuit: mds

shoes : jeffrey campbell

Day 3

For my last outfit I paired this gorgeous off shoulder white top with a colourful pair of skorts. The off-shoulder look was a super cute way to show a bit of skin in a tasteful way, and also was really cooling under the scorching Malaysian sun. I really liked the skorts because the thick black band at the waist accentuated my waist!

This was by far my favourite outfit as it was the most comfortable and could be dressed up or down depending on the event! I actually wore a pair of silver slip ons with them, but didn’t get a good picture with them on and can’t get a non-awkward photo of them (will post a pic of them eventually!)

top: mds

bottom: mds

Okay I think I am done being painfully awkward and feeling pretentious. Thanks for reading guys! Really excited to keep up with this so look out for more coming soon!!!