Hi guys!

I’ve been down with a stomach bug as well as a super annoying cough, so I basically spent the whole weekend in bed either sleeping or online (window) shopping. Here are a couple of things I desperately want but have no money for/didn’t buy when I had the chance 🙁

1. h&m knitted jumper – £39.99

Okay this one I stupidly passed over when I saw it in London and have been crying in regret ever since. The blue really pops and its just so gorgeous and ughhh I really want it!! Especially since I’m cold and sick and unhappy. Statement jumpers are so great because you can just kind of slip them on with jeans or something simple and you’ll still look put together (or at least purposefully sloppy).

2. Adidas Superstar 2 – £65

Somehow I’m just really attracted to these shoes?? They go with EVERYTHING and I’ve been looking for a replacement after selling off both my Nike Thea and Roshes (you can check out my depop if you’d like to keep up with the things I sell btw!)

3. A two piece co-ord set

I’ve always felt that having a two piece set always makes you seem really put together, but I haven’t really found one that I’ve liked 🙁 If any of you know where i could find a nice one please let me know!

4. Mac Cinderella Collection

I don’t use make up very much but THE PACKAGING!!!!!!!! Obviously I’m an impulse buyer HAHA but I’m headed to Oxford this weekend so I *might* actually get something from the collection!

5. Triangl Bikini Penny Wanderlust – 79USD

I’ve been wanting this particular one forever, and while hiding under my blanket feeling miserable and stalking random fashion blogs, I saw a few reviews (from like YEARS ago but still) of triangl and it reminded me how much I really really wanted one???

Okay this was a really random list, and hopefully I’ll get a few more photos of myself up once I’ve gotten out of bed (probably this weekend in Oxford!!!)

Thanks for reading 🙂 Let me know if you know of any good places to get the stuff in my wishlist/similar things! I’d love to hear from you guys!

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