Hi guys,

with my wisdom tooth out I have a super swollen face and an awful bruise so I haven’t managed to take many pictures, but I’m going to hang out with my friends at the pool tomorrow so I’ll hopefully test out my Triangl bikini then! Since we’re in the whole swimsuit/swimming thing, I thought I’d share some photos from the last time I was at the beach (Llandudno)

10694235_971128286236452_6106066905742711051_o 10733921_971128259569788_7844430405977598613_o 1960777_971128262903121_4294283197555540377_o

I MISS MY LONG HAIR 🙁 10682419_971128092903138_246493230853910500_o 1614002_971128099569804_8487545605449500808_o

I absolutely love the beach, and loooove walking along the edge of the water! I don’t actually like swimming in it though, as I’m afraid of large bodies of water (yeah, stupid. i know)

Top: Korea | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Toms

All these photos were taken by my friend who is a really good photographer!! (maybe I should ask for help for my blog posts once I’m back in the UK/after As!)

How’s your Easter been so far? Have a good day guys 🙂


I’ve been back in Singapore since Saturday, and I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing/ask for opinions on some clothes!!!

On Sunday I stayed at home, as our founding father had just passed away and since I didn’t have a chance to go pay my respects at the Parliament House/Community Centres, I really wanted to watch the funeral service.

On Monday I went to see the dentist who said I have to take out my wisdom teeth 🙁 So I’m doing that today sigh. BUT!! I also got to meet one of my best friends and we went shopping! This is what I wore (sorry for shitty lighting)


IMG_8579(dress: f21 | kimono: radicalyard | sandals: korea)

On Tuesday I went for tuition and then went for lunch with my UK friends, where we had suuuuper good food (look at my spazzing happy face HAHA)

IMG_8596After that, I did even more shopping! (although it was window shopping because I DIDN’T ACTUALLY BUY ANYTHING EITHER DAY) do you think I should buy any of these?

IMG_8604Zara Mens – $139 (£68.35)IMG_8619Guess Marciano – $309 (£151.95)IMG_8613MDS – $49.90 (£24.54)IMG_8610Miss Selfridge – $130+ (don’t remember oops), around £64-67 pounds!

I did however, just buy a TRIANGL BIKINI!!!! super excited! hopefully it’ll come in time for me to wear before I head back to the UK! I’ll do a review on that, and hopefully be able to take some pics when I go to the beach next week 🙂

Thanks for reading!