Pink hair don’t care?! (House of Rush review)

Hey there!

Its been an exciting few days for me because I randomly decided on Friday that I wanted to do something new to my hair. So I did a quick google search and booked an appointment at House of Rush (they had a 50% off deal for new customers and I couldn’t resist haha).

They called me almost immediately after my appointment and made sure they had everything ready for my appointment the next day, which was great.


When I arrived on Saturday (late because of the rain), I was introduced to my stylist (Mark, who is absolutely lovely) and we immediately got to it. I naturally have really dark asian hair, but 3 months ago I dyed my hair a lighter brown colour, which made the bleaching process slightly easier, although I still had to leave the bleach on for quite a bit!


Obviously rocking the tin foil look HAHA. One thing I loved about House of Rush is that they have really good customer service and they also give you coffee/tea/biscuits, which was great because I was at the salon for close to 5 hours!

After leaving the bleach on for quite a while (we left it under the heat for like 45 mins and reapplied bleach twice), we were ready for the colour! Mark first applied a pink-ish colour to my hair and left it for about 20 minutes before adding a darker purple colour (although it’s pretty hard to see in pictures).


I was really pleased with the end product! It wasn’t a super in-your-face effect, so it looked kind of natural and the different shades look really great in different lighting!

After all the bleaching and dying, my hair was pretty damaged so I also got a hair treatment done, and now my hair is happy and doesn’t feel as straw-ish as it did the last time I bleached my hair!

I was also really glad that Mark gave me the rest of the bottle of purple dye so that I could touch up the colour myself when it starts to fade (saving me another expensive trip to the salon!)

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

I’m really pleased with my hair (but also really excited to be able to mess around with different hair dyes again once this fades!)

How was your weekend? Let me know what you think about my hair!

Have a good week! 🙂


    • thelectriconcept November 3, 2015 / 9:38 pm

      thanks hun! go for it, i’m sure it’d look great 🙂

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