Glamulet Pre Sale

Hey guys! I guess I’m going to be keeping up with my ‘splurge or save’ theme for a bit longer because I think I’ve got an exciting new deal to share with you! Just like almost every girl, I love pretty jewellery and one of my favourite accessories is my Pandora bracelet. However, after spending over £500 on my charms I thought it was time to find a cheaper way to glam up my bracelet. Luckily, there’s Glamulet! They have Pandora-compatible charms that cost far less and are just as cute!

Glamulet is doing a pre-sale for their new line of charms with great discounts. The first 20 customers get 50% discount, the 21st to 99th get 25% discount and the 100th gets 10% discount. Additionally, you can use my discount code ‘onicole15‘ for an extra 15% off your order!

You can view all their presale items here, but here are some of my favourite pieces from their pre-sale. (All prices are BEFORE my additional 15% discount!)

  1. Globe Travel Charm – £12.30 (full price £38.53)Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 14.38.40
  2. Heart to Heart Pendant – £14.59 (Full price £48.16) Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 14.43.23
  3. Love Me Feed Me Rose Gold Charm – £12.82 (Full Price £48.16)Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 14.39.13

Additionally, Glamulet is doing a giveaway which ends on the 2nd of December. There will be 100 lucky winners that will be drawn at the end of the giveaway and a set of pre-sale charms worth USD$75 will be given away to each lucky winner! (If you’d like to enter that check out my sidebar).

The offer ends on the 30th of November so you guys should definitely check Glamulet’s pre-sale out before then!

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!


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