State of Denial

Hey lovelies!

It’s been pretty damn cold the whole week and I’ve basically been curled up with three blankets and the heater on just so I don’t freeze my butt off. I’ve gone into denial because I don’t want winter (cold, wet English winters can kill) to be here yet, so I’ve been countering it by adding colour to my outfits!




p.s. how do you guys like my hair? I touched it up and somehow got this multi-coloured effect despite only applying one colour (probably because I didn’t have gloves so I just kinda scrunched everything into my hair).


Usually the minute it hits 15 degrees I stop wearing colour, but I couldn’t resist this super cute cropped sweatshirt (plus, it says ‘bye’, which is basically how I feel about the weather right now). I paired it with my trusty mom jeans and air force ones for a bright look quite unlike my usual outfits. However, I obviously wouldn’t leave the house with at least a little bit of black in my outfit so I toned down the pastel/summery vibes of my outfit with my black oversized shearling biker coat & studded backpack. I think they really helped to bring a bit of edge to an otherwise girlish outfit!


Cropped sweatshirt – forever21

Mom jeans – topshop

Air Force 1s – Nike

Belt – Primark


Thanks for reading!

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