Hey there!

I’ve just finished a 3 hour long statistics exam and have just two more lectures before it’s officially Christmas break! I’m going to be flying to Florida on Sunday, so there will be many many many Disney-related posts coming up! But until then, I thought I’d share my Christmas wishlist. (Most of these things are expensive so I’ll probably ask for one for my birthday and never actually get the rest but oh well.)

  1. Nars Killer Heels Mini Lipstick Set I stumbled across this set and absolutely love it! I’ve been rather obsessed with lipsticks recently, so a mini lipstick set with gorgeous shades gives me a chance to try everything out & then invest in a full sized version of the ones I like best.
  2.  Jeffrey Campbell Boone BootieThese booties are adorable??? They have the same heel as the other pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes I have and I absolutely love them (the heel makes it really comfortable to wear too because it’s chunky!)
  3.  Tommy Hilfiger Flag Cropped Sweatshirt I’m just really attracted to this sweatshirt and I’ve wanted it since I first saw it on Instagram!
  4.  Dior So Real Sunglasses I love these sunglasses because they’re really unique and I love the pink/brown colour combination because it’s really different from my usual black sunglasses!
  5. Chloe Faye Medium Flap Shoulder Bag I absolutely love the detail of this bag?? I know I’m never going to get it but hey, maybe I’ve been really good this year! (please santa)
  6. Lazy Oaf x Casper Darkside Shirt  I loved Casper as a child and so I was super excited about Lazy Oaf’s Casper collection! I think this is my favourite piece because I love the contrast of half white half black.
  7. ASOS Origami Plunge Playsuit This playsuit is classy yet shows some skin and it’s been in my saved items on ASOS for so long but I’m just waiting for the day I’m less broke so I can buy it for myself haha.
  8. New Look Velvet Bralet The colour of this is just gorgeous and the velvet is definitely a plus!
  9. ASOS Heeled Sandals I love low, chunky heels and I love the green snakeskin and studded effect of these!
  10. Pull & Bear Sushi Sweatshirt SUSHI!!!! (Need I say more?)

What do you guys ask for this Christmas?

Have a good Christmas break! xx

Hey Guys!

I’ve been looking at things to buy for friends & family this Christmas, and I’ve found some things under £10 that would be perfect gifts (especially if you don’t want to spend loads on every single present)! Some of these are from the websites I mentioned in my ‘how to save money buying presents’ post, so I think you should definitely check those out!

  1. Ciate Caviar Luxe Manicure Set – £3.95Whenever I’m stuck on what to get a girlfriend as a gift, nail polish sets are my go-to items because what girl doesn’t like doing her nails? I found this set on fragrancedirect for way less than the RRP so not only do you have an effortlessly brilliant present, the person you bought it for will also think you invested way more than you did (oops).
  2. Elizabeth Arden True Love Eau de Toilette Spray – £9.50 Every year I get perfume for Christmas, and it’s a really simple present. Unless your friend/family member is super picky about scents, this one always works!
  3. Cocktail Flavour Lip Balm – £3.25This is a fun present for that friend of yours who loves drinking (probably someone you went to all your freshers parties with, cos I already have someone in mind), and is unique & shows you put in effort.
  4. Camera Lens Cup – £9.99 Everyone has that one photographer friend, and if he/she doesn’t already have this, giving them this camera lens cup is a great way to acknowledge their hobby/job/passion and give them a great conversation starter for their morning coffee runs.
  5. Thankful Journal – £10Christmas means that the year is coming to an end, and what better way to prepare for a new year than pretty new stationery? A good friend of mine bought me this before I started uni, and it would also be a great gift to get for the beginning of 2016.
  6. Gun Metal Mini 2016 Diary – £4.50This is another great gift for basically anyone! I personally carry my diary almost everywhere (I prefer to write appointments down for some strange reason) so a mini diary is functional and super cute.
  7. Hot Water Bottle + Fluffy Socks – £9.50With the cold weather, fluffy socks will always be a godsend. No matter how much they deny it, everyone loves fluffy socks! Hot water bottles are also great for keeping warm. Also, if you have friends who are asthmatic (like me), hot water bottles are amazing for bedtimes because I can’t leave my heater on overnight or it makes the air too dry & I wake up feeling breathless/with a sharp pain in my chest (I’ve forgotten to turn it off a couple of times and felt like death the next day). I don’t know how much this applies to most asthmatic people but I have severe asthma so 100% recommend haha.
  8. 20 Pack Travel Motif Stud Earrings – £10 I love little earring sets! I think most girls are just constantly losing their earrings and these themed sets means you can wear two different earrings without them looking completely mismatched. Plus, they’re absolutely adorable and there are so many choices!
  9. Small Shoulder Bag – £7.99 Everyone needs a little black shoulder bag, ’nuff said.
  10. Marble Phone Case – £9.60 (if you use the code electric20)Okay so I kind of cheated with this one cos it actually costs £12! But I just recently started doing this affiliate thing with Coconut Lane and I was really excited but forgot to share it until now I thought I’d just pop it in here! It’s technically under £10 once you’ve used the code electric20 so yay! They also have other really cute things that you can check out (and the 20% off applies to everything!).

What stocking fillers do you guys usually get for Christmas & what are you planning on getting your friends & family this year?

Happy Tuesday xx

Heya lovelies!

So as promised, my Christmas posts are starting! As a student on a limited budget, it’s really difficult to find presents that are nice and not too expensive. So I’ve put together a couple of websites I’ve found as well as some other tips to help you save money this Christmas!


The websites I’ve found are for discounted make up or fragrances which is great for any gifts you want to get for female friends or family members! Here are a couple of examples of deals you can get on each website.

  1. Save On Makeup  Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – RRP£7.45, you pay £2.99 
    Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour – RRP£20, you pay £12.99
  2. Fragrance Direct  Ciate Velvet Manicure Set – RRP£20, you pay £4.99 
    Vera Wang Lovestruck – RRP£70, you pay £25.95
  3. Perfume Click  OPI Nail Polish Sheer To The Top Gift Set – RRP£23, you pay £11.25  Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner – RRP£49, you pay £29.70


  1. Look out for presents throughout the year – A lot of times you find things are out of stock/suddenly more expensive when you start shopping around Christmas time, so a really good way to avoid the hiked up prices (and disappointment) is to keep a mental list of people you KNOW you’ll have to/want to buy presents for and if you spot something at any point in the year (I think I got one of my friend’s presents in April!) just get it! Just remember to keep track of your budget so you don’t accidentally overspend on each individual present.
  2. Use apps like Depop or Vinted – I personally spend quite a bit of time on Depop (you can check my profile out here), and quite often people are selling items ‘brand new with tags’ or ‘still in the packaging’ simply because they missed the return dates or got unwanted presents. Most people are more than willing to lower their prices a little (for example, I’m selling an ASOS pinafore new with tags for £10 when the RRP was £35!)
  3. Think outside the box – A lot of times the presents you think your friends/family want are really expensive, but since it’s always the thought that counts during festive seasons, a card or something hand-made would be equally well-appreciated! (For example: DIY instagram cards, monogram mugs or even washi tape notebooks!)

How’s your Christmas shopping going? Let me know if you’ve got any other good ways to save money this Christmas!

Thanks for reading xx

Hey there!

Thought I’d show you guys what I was wearing today because I’m really digging it.

IMG_9512  IMG_9501  IMG_9493

I’ve been wanting a pinafore dress for a while so you can imagine how stoked I was to get this one for only £5! I ended up having to get it in a bigger size than what I normally wear but since it was from the petite section it was still pretty manageable so I just kind of tied the straps at the back haha.

I think pinafore dresses somehow go really well with stripes, so I paired my metallic look pinafore dress with a striped turtleneck! I ended off the look with a pair of patent leather brogues because I thought it really added to the schoolgirl vibe that I was going for! (I used to wear a pinafore in school so this was a major throwback to that).

Pinafore – ASOS

Top – Bershka (similar here)

Shoes – Office (similar here and here)



Hey guys!

It’s been a relatively warm week but since it’s December, we all have to be prepared for the cold that’s coming. Here are some coats for this winter that are super cute and under £50!

  1. Missguided Blazer Cape – £40Capes are great because they can give such a different look to your outfits! I used to think of superheroes/detectives when I heard the word ‘cape’, but while looking through coats this winter I saw so many capes that gave really princess-y elegant vibes. I love trying out new looks, and that’s why this is top on my list. I love this particular cape because of the collar and more blazer-like shape which makes it slightly more edgy and less girly (making it way easier to pair with a pair of skinny jeans when you’re running late and just need to grab a coat really quickly).
  2. Boohoo Fur Collar Coat – £35Despite my love for all things black or grey, I own a pastel coloured coat with a cute fur hood. I feel like having a pastel/light coloured coat is a great way to add a little pop of colour to your outfits. If you’re like me, and your winter wardrobe is 99% black, this super cute baby pink coat will probably be the only bit of colour your friends see all winter!
  3. New Look Padded Parka – £49.99  When it gets cold, parkas are essential. Most of my coats don’t have hoods (and I am still stubbornly refusing to replace my last umbrella) so when it rains, I either throw on a parka or brave the rain. I love the colour of this parka, and it’d go so well with almost any outfit!
  4. Pretty Little Thing Black Faux Fur Coat – £45 I’ve always been a fan of faux fur coats, they’re so fluffy and comfy and warm! But I’ve never owned one – mainly because I thought they were far too bold and I had no idea how to pull them off, but I recently got myself a gorgeous grey one so hopefully I’ll put up a ‘how to style’ post soon. If styled right, a faux fur coat can be a great day to night transition and can be dressed up or down, making them a definite must-have for winter!
  5. Faux Fur Lined Biker Jacket – £24.99  I’ve saved the best for last! As you’ve all probably seen from my instagram/previous posts, I basically live in my shearling biker jacket. I bought mine from the men’s section of ASOS so it’s really oversized (I got an XS but I still had to roll up the sleeves & my guy friends can all wear it haha), and I love the huge pockets! It keeps me super warm, and the metallic-look of the biker jacket itself makes the coat look really edgy (and slightly makes up for how oversized it is!) I was going to add the one I had to this list but it’s out of stock so here’s one I found from H&M instead (and for a really good price too)!

Let me know which one of these coats you guys have/which ones you’re planning on getting for this winter!

Happy Wednesday xx