How To Save Money Buying Presents

Heya lovelies!

So as promised, my Christmas posts are starting! As a student on a limited budget, it’s really difficult to find presents that are nice and not too expensive. So I’ve put together a couple of websites I’ve found as well as some other tips to help you save money this Christmas!


The websites I’ve found are for discounted make up or fragrances which is great for any gifts you want to get for female friends or family members! Here are a couple of examples of deals you can get on each website.

  1. Save On Makeup  Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – RRP£7.45, you pay £2.99 
    Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Colour – RRP£20, you pay £12.99
  2. Fragrance Direct  Ciate Velvet Manicure Set – RRP£20, you pay £4.99 
    Vera Wang Lovestruck – RRP£70, you pay £25.95
  3. Perfume Click  OPI Nail Polish Sheer To The Top Gift Set – RRP£23, you pay £11.25  Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner – RRP£49, you pay £29.70


  1. Look out for presents throughout the year – A lot of times you find things are out of stock/suddenly more expensive when you start shopping around Christmas time, so a really good way to avoid the hiked up prices (and disappointment) is to keep a mental list of people you KNOW you’ll have to/want to buy presents for and if you spot something at any point in the year (I think I got one of my friend’s presents in April!) just get it! Just remember to keep track of your budget so you don’t accidentally overspend on each individual present.
  2. Use apps like Depop or Vinted – I personally spend quite a bit of time on Depop (you can check my profile out here), and quite often people are selling items ‘brand new with tags’ or ‘still in the packaging’ simply because they missed the return dates or got unwanted presents. Most people are more than willing to lower their prices a little (for example, I’m selling an ASOS pinafore new with tags for £10 when the RRP was £35!)
  3. Think outside the box – A lot of times the presents you think your friends/family want are really expensive, but since it’s always the thought that counts during festive seasons, a card or something hand-made would be equally well-appreciated! (For example: DIY instagram cards, monogram mugs or even washi tape notebooks!)

How’s your Christmas shopping going? Let me know if you’ve got any other good ways to save money this Christmas!

Thanks for reading xx

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