Stocking Fillers Under £10

Hey Guys!

I’ve been looking at things to buy for friends & family this Christmas, and I’ve found some things under £10 that would be perfect gifts (especially if you don’t want to spend loads on every single present)! Some of these are from the websites I mentioned in my ‘how to save money buying presents’ post, so I think you should definitely check those out!

  1. Ciate Caviar Luxe Manicure Set – £3.95Whenever I’m stuck on what to get a girlfriend as a gift, nail polish sets are my go-to items because what girl doesn’t like doing her nails? I found this set on fragrancedirect for way less than the RRP so not only do you have an effortlessly brilliant present, the person you bought it for will also think you invested way more than you did (oops).
  2. Elizabeth Arden True Love Eau de Toilette Spray – £9.50 Every year I get perfume for Christmas, and it’s a really simple present. Unless your friend/family member is super picky about scents, this one always works!
  3. Cocktail Flavour Lip Balm – £3.25This is a fun present for that friend of yours who loves drinking (probably someone you went to all your freshers parties with, cos I already have someone in mind), and is unique & shows you put in effort.
  4. Camera Lens Cup – £9.99 Everyone has that one photographer friend, and if he/she doesn’t already have this, giving them this camera lens cup is a great way to acknowledge their hobby/job/passion and give them a great conversation starter for their morning coffee runs.
  5. Thankful Journal – £10Christmas means that the year is coming to an end, and what better way to prepare for a new year than pretty new stationery? A good friend of mine bought me this before I started uni, and it would also be a great gift to get for the beginning of 2016.
  6. Gun Metal Mini 2016 Diary – £4.50This is another great gift for basically anyone! I personally carry my diary almost everywhere (I prefer to write appointments down for some strange reason) so a mini diary is functional and super cute.
  7. Hot Water Bottle + Fluffy Socks – £9.50With the cold weather, fluffy socks will always be a godsend. No matter how much they deny it, everyone loves fluffy socks! Hot water bottles are also great for keeping warm. Also, if you have friends who are asthmatic (like me), hot water bottles are amazing for bedtimes because I can’t leave my heater on overnight or it makes the air too dry & I wake up feeling breathless/with a sharp pain in my chest (I’ve forgotten to turn it off a couple of times and felt like death the next day). I don’t know how much this applies to most asthmatic people but I have severe asthma so 100% recommend haha.
  8. 20 Pack Travel Motif Stud Earrings – £10 I love little earring sets! I think most girls are just constantly losing their earrings and these themed sets means you can wear two different earrings without them looking completely mismatched. Plus, they’re absolutely adorable and there are so many choices!
  9. Small Shoulder Bag – £7.99 Everyone needs a little black shoulder bag, ’nuff said.
  10. Marble Phone Case – £9.60 (if you use the code electric20)Okay so I kind of cheated with this one cos it actually costs £12! But I just recently started doing this affiliate thing with Coconut Lane and I was really excited but forgot to share it until now I thought I’d just pop it in here! It’s technically under £10 once you’ve used the code electric20 so yay! They also have other really cute things that you can check out (and the 20% off applies to everything!).

What stocking fillers do you guys usually get for Christmas & what are you planning on getting your friends & family this year?

Happy Tuesday xx

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