Christmas Wishlist

Hey there!

I’ve just finished a 3 hour long statistics exam and have just two more lectures before it’s officially Christmas break! I’m going to be flying to Florida on Sunday, so there will be many many many Disney-related posts coming up! But until then, I thought I’d share my Christmas wishlist. (Most of these things are expensive so I’ll probably ask for one for my birthday and never actually get the rest but oh well.)

  1. Nars Killer Heels Mini Lipstick Set I stumbled across this set and absolutely love it! I’ve been rather obsessed with lipsticks recently, so a mini lipstick set with gorgeous shades gives me a chance to try everything out & then invest in a full sized version of the ones I like best.
  2.  Jeffrey Campbell Boone BootieThese booties are adorable??? They have the same heel as the other pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes I have and I absolutely love them (the heel makes it really comfortable to wear too because it’s chunky!)
  3.  Tommy Hilfiger Flag Cropped Sweatshirt I’m just really attracted to this sweatshirt and I’ve wanted it since I first saw it on Instagram!
  4.  Dior So Real Sunglasses I love these sunglasses because they’re really unique and I love the pink/brown colour combination because it’s really different from my usual black sunglasses!
  5. Chloe Faye Medium Flap Shoulder Bag I absolutely love the detail of this bag?? I know I’m never going to get it but hey, maybe I’ve been really good this year! (please santa)
  6. Lazy Oaf x Casper Darkside Shirt  I loved Casper as a child and so I was super excited about Lazy Oaf’s Casper collection! I think this is my favourite piece because I love the contrast of half white half black.
  7. ASOS Origami Plunge Playsuit This playsuit is classy yet shows some skin and it’s been in my saved items on ASOS for so long but I’m just waiting for the day I’m less broke so I can buy it for myself haha.
  8. New Look Velvet Bralet The colour of this is just gorgeous and the velvet is definitely a plus!
  9. ASOS Heeled Sandals I love low, chunky heels and I love the green snakeskin and studded effect of these!
  10. Pull & Bear Sushi Sweatshirt SUSHI!!!! (Need I say more?)

What do you guys ask for this Christmas?

Have a good Christmas break! xx

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