Vape Shoreditch Review (and discount code)

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I’ve got a new review for you guys today! I’ve recently been in contact with Vape Shoreditch and they sent me a vape kit & some e-liquid to review for you guys! (Read till the end for an exclusive 90% discount off your first box!)

Vaping is supported by the UK government, NHS and cancer charities (NHS Stop Smoking Services proactively welcome anyone who wants to use these devices as part of their quit attempt!). Every smoker you convince to try vaping instead, you are helping to save lives. Vaping has been found to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking and has also been found to help smokers quit! (you can read the full UK Gov report here).

I know that this is something different but according to studies up to 50% of the population don’t know that e-cigarettes are less harmful than smoking so I feel that it’s important for people to be well informed so they can make good decisions! Moreover, the effects of smoking can be really devastating (I’ve personally lost loved ones to lung cancer) so I’m for anything that could help a smoker quit.
Okay but enough of the naggy ‘stop smoking kids’ lecture, let’s talk about Vape Shoreditch! The kit I got included a Shoreditch Two vape pen kit as well as three bottles of e-liquid.

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I’ve never used/set up a vape pen before but the Shoreditch Two vape pen is really easy to set up and charge! Not only does it come with a certificate of inspection (cos you always wanna know your stuff’s working right), there’s a guide with really helpful diagrams to help you get started.

FullSizeRender 15

For those who’d like specifics, the Shoreditch Two is slimline and has a 380 mAh Battery (200 puffs), 1.5ml Tank and comes with a 1 Year Battery Warranty.

Now for the e-liquids! The e-liquid flavours come in three categories – tobacco, sweets and fruit, and I got one from each. I asked my friends (who are proper smokers, unlike me HAHA) to try these out so you could get a smoker’s point of view! I got all the liquids at 6mg nicotine strength (they also have them in 12mg and 18mg). Feedback on the peppermint chocolate is that it’s not too sweet and has a nice aftertaste (kind of like After Eight chocolates!)

Vape Shoreditch isn’t just an e-liquid store, it’s a monthly service. For £9.99 a month, you get 3 bottles posted to you via free 1st class delivery. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time and you can even change your delivery dates and orders whenever you want!

If you use the code ‘NICOLEO4954’ at checkout, you can try three bottles of e-liquid for just 99p including p&p!! (Register for your 99p box here).

So you’re looking for a different way to stop smoking, vaping is an option you could consider!

Happy Wednesday!

(This is a sponsored post!)

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