Hey guys!

I know this post is a day early but today is the anniversary of my blog! I started it exactly 1 year ago HAHA how exciting! So anyways I thought I’d share a couple of things I’ve learnt over this last year blogging.

  1. Follow a schedule – sometimes I’m really busy or unmotivated and kind of can’t be bothered to post but that leads to HUGE gaps in my posts, which isn’t really great. So now I’ve learnt to schedule posts and just do a couple of them at one go when I’m feeling inspired so I can afford to slack occasionally but I still get posts out twice a week!
  2. Communicate with brands – when I first started I was just kind of expecting brands to be emailing me and asking me to feature them (hahaha what a joke) but I learnt pretty quickly that I had to be the one to approach brands if I wanted to collaborate. I still haven’t quite figured out a media pack but I do have a draft email with all my general stats and that really helps when I’m emailing brands.
  3. No pictures are better than bad ones – do you remember my awful mirror pictures??? I know you haven’t seen much of me recently but I feel like having good quality photos on my blog is important so I’m no longer willing to post bad mirror selfies or anything.
  4. Explore new styles – since my blog started my style has kind of evolved. Most people wouldn’t say I have a really definite style but I feel like I’ve explored and tried things I would never have worn in the past and I kind of like it!
  5. Stay true to yourself – Sometimes I considered posting other things that would’ve gotten me a good pay or publicity, but I’ve learnt how important it is to stick to things I like or believe in because my blog’s a representation of me!

So that’s just a couple of things I’ve learnt this year, hopefully my blog will continue to improve and be even better next year?!

Have a great Tuesday!

Hey guys, so London Fashion Week is upon us, which means loads of lusting over bloggers’ street styles and wishing we were at fashion shows. So to counter that (well a little bit at least), I got tickets to the International Fashion Showcase @ Somerset House!  

 I was still feeling kind of under the weather so I kind of forgot to take photos for most of it but it was really cool to get to see all the different designers/curators explain the collections and the inspirations behind them! 

One of my favourite rooms was the Indonesia room (cos hey, close to home right?)  where they had modern modest wear based on the four elements! 

Another room I really liked was the Romania room, which featured lots of cute jewellery! 


The event also had lots of workshops and interactive features, so we got to do a weaving workshop with Lebanese designer Nour Najem and got our fashion portraits done by Ukrainian designer Masha Reva! 

  (I’m really pleased with the fashion portrait it’s now up on my wall HAHA) 
 As for my outfit, I was feeling kind of sick so I didn’t spend too much time on it (some people there were dressed so well omg) but I thought it’d be fun to mix around with patterns a little! The eye print on my shirt really made the outfit kind of quirky. I also got SO MANY booklets/brochures as you can see HAHA they’re all inside that huge black book!! 

Top: Lazy Oaf 

Skirt: Bank 

Shoes: ASOS 

Bag: Kate Spade 
I’m off to brunch (or lunch cos we’re never on time HAHA) with my cousin, so happy Sunday! 

Hey guys!

Sorry for the unbelievably long gap between posts, I’ve been ill for the last week or so and just been stuck in bed feeling completely awful (curse you viral flu). I’m feeling vaguely better so I thought I’d do a little post about this great beauty website I’ve been working with!

4 You By You is a Student Focused Unisex Beauty Website run by a student at Manchester Metropolitan University who created the website during his placement year. This is a really student-focused website, so basically it focuses on offering established beauty products to students for student prices as well as offering other ways in supporting students (such as by providing opportunities to work with their student unions!)

Besides having a huge range of great beauty products (from make up to hair care to skin care and brushes) and links to possible job opportunities, the website also has things like tips & tricks – ‘how to survive freshers’, ‘money saving tips’ and many other posts which are really useful for university students!

Of course, the brand understands the need to focus on beauty lovers (and not just students), so besides the great discount codes they already have on the website for each individual university (you can check those out, as well as more information about working with your student unions here), you can use the discount code ‘ElectricConcept’ to get either 20% off or a Gift With Purchase Worth £5 on most products.

You can check out all of 4 you by you’s social media accounts below and you should definitely check out their website (I’m going back to reading their great tips & tricks page once I’ve posted this!)


Happy Wednesday!


Hey guys!

One of my relatives is planning on getting married this summer (I love weddings!!!) and since I’m going to be a bridesmaid I’ve been looking at lots of bridesmaid dresses! Aisle Style recently emailed me about their new bridesmaid collection so I thought I’d share a few that I liked! (The wedding’s gonna be in a tropical country so short dresses seemed like a good idea and so those were what I was mainly looking at, but they have lots of gorgeous long ones!)

  1. Vintage Strapless Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress I feel like this is a really classic dress and the colour is really cute!
  2. V Neck Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress Navy is one of the colours I wear the most and I really love the v neck detail of this dress!
  3. Lace Trimmed Tulle Bridesmaid Dress I adore the lace trimming and waist detail of this one!
  4. Bateau Neck Lace Bridesmaid Dress  This dress is super elegant and such a pretty colour!
  5. Lace Bodice Tulle Bridesmaid Dress   Honestly, I absolutely adore long dresses. I have so many that I have no chance to wear and I couldn’t resist sharing this one with you guys!! The waist detail is absolutely gorgeous and I love the tulle skirt!!! (aha this is what Nicole does on Sundays, just randomly lust over pretty dresses and spazz about waist details)

Aisle Style has lots of really pretty dresses and even if you have no events you should definitely check their website out! I’m going back to looking at pretty dresses now so have a blessed Sunday guys! xx

Hey there!

I know I skipped my Sunday post but I figured I’d posted so much last week that you guys might’ve needed a break from me. The last few days I’ve done quite a bit of shopping, and I’ve also been slightly obsessed with personalizing my stuff!

As you probably saw on my Instagram yesterday, the Topshop at Oxford Circus has a monogramming pop-up! I’m always up for quirky/different things because I love little pieces that are unique, and so being able to customize a jacket was so great! I’ve bought a whole bunch of patches and my girlfriends and I are planning on decorating our denim jackets together! I mean the prices are kind of steep (£5 per small letter, £10 per medium and £15 per large) but it’s something special! If clothes aren’t what you’re thinking of, you could get a notebook embossed with your partner’s initials or anything else (up to 8 characters) at Paperchase for just £3!

The pop-up at Oxford Circus is definitely something to check out! I mean the prices are kind of steep (£5 per small letter, £10 per medium and £15 per large) but it’s something special! If clothes aren’t what you’re thinking of, you could get a notebook embossed with your partner’s initials or anything else (up to 8 characters) at Paperchase for just £3!

Yesterday I also went to Paperchase with my friend and we found out they were embossing notebooks/leather items for just £5 (for 7-8 characters!) I’ve been looking for a present for someone and so I thought a notebook embossed with her name would be a great idea (Amy, if you’re reading this, don’t worry I didn’t spoil your whole present, there’s still another part to it aha).


Let me know if you visit either Topshop or Paperchase & tell me what you got customized!

Happy Wednesday xx