Hey guys!

I know this post is a day early but today is the anniversary of my blog! I started it exactly 1 year ago HAHA how exciting! So anyways I thought I’d share a couple of things I’ve learnt over this last year blogging.

  1. Follow a schedule – sometimes I’m really busy or unmotivated and kind of can’t be bothered to post but that leads to HUGE gaps in my posts, which isn’t really great. So now I’ve learnt to schedule posts and just do a couple of them at one go when I’m feeling inspired so I can afford to slack occasionally but I still get posts out twice a week!
  2. Communicate with brands – when I first started I was just kind of expecting brands to be emailing me and asking me to feature them (hahaha what a joke) but I learnt pretty quickly that I had to be the one to approach brands if I wanted to collaborate. I still haven’t quite figured out a media pack but I do have a draft email with all my general stats and that really helps when I’m emailing brands.
  3. No pictures are better than bad ones – do you remember my awful mirror pictures??? I know you haven’t seen much of me recently but I feel like having good quality photos on my blog is important so I’m no longer willing to post bad mirror selfies or anything.
  4. Explore new styles – since my blog started my style has kind of evolved. Most people wouldn’t say I have a really definite style but I feel like I’ve explored and tried things I would never have worn in the past and I kind of like it!
  5. Stay true to yourself – Sometimes I considered posting other things that would’ve gotten me a good pay or publicity, but I’ve learnt how important it is to stick to things I like or believe in because my blog’s a representation of me!

So that’s just a couple of things I’ve learnt this year, hopefully my blog will continue to improve and be even better next year?!

Have a great Tuesday!

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