Hey guys! 

The people at NutriPlan sent me a 7 day teatox to try out for you so here’s my review! 


So it’s kind of like most other teas, there’s one you drink every morning, and one you drink on alternating evenings! 

I have to say I really love the taste of this one! It’s kind of flowery/fruity (it goes kind of red and rose-y when you leave it in water for a while). 

In terms of effect, I wasn’t really eating healthy this week (lol) and I usually get pretty bloated when I eat junk but the tea really helped with that! It was only 7 days so I can’t say I saw a huge difference but my stomach did feel a bit flatter by the end of it! 

I think it’s definitely worth trying out! 

Happy Sunday 🙂 

Hey guys! 

I got this suuuuper gorgeous jumper from staysunnychicago earlier this week and I’m absolutely in LOVE!! I stumbled upon their instagram before they launched and messaged them about a collaboration and I’ve been so excited to share this brand with you!! 

I was late for school today and just threw this together but the jumper made my outfit look so put together?? It’s also unbelievably comfortable (I absolutely adore comfortable yet edgy looking clothes!) 


You can get the jumper here, and they also have it in a gorgeous pastel colour scheme if you’re more into that! 

Staysunnychicago is a pretty new brand (they launched this year) but the quality is really great and it’s definitely a brand you should check out! Everything on their website looks great & I’m probably gonna be ordering the pastel version of this soon because it’s so so cute! 

Happy Wednesday 🙂 


Hey guys!

Haven’t done one of these posts in a while but there were a couple of things I got/used a lot in February and I thought I’d share them!

  1. Valentino Poudre I was in Selfridges helping my friend pick out a gift for his mum and this perfume caught my eye! I’m really sensitive to smells and most perfumes are far too strong for me, but I love the sweet, powdery smell of this!
  2. Burberry Scarf  I bought one of these at London Fashion Weekend and I literally have just been wearing it every day!!
  3. Nike Air Force 1s  I’ve recently started wearing these again and I now remember why I love them so much! I wear dark colours a lot but these work really well with all my jeans! Plus I’ve been wearing them with mom jeans and my burberry scarf and I love how it looks!
  4. Skinny Mint tea  I started this in January actually and then kind of stopped after 14 days cos I got lazy but it made me feel a lot less bloated and just generally like I had more energy! I’m currently trying out another teatox that I was sent to review and that should be up sometime next week!
  5. Kiko Lip Marker  I’ve been using this a lot because most lipstick comes off while I’m eating (and I’m ALWAYS eating) and this lip marker just does not budge at all once it’s dry! I have this in Apple Red and I really love the colour.

What are some of your February favourites?

Thanks for reading! xx

Hey guys!

I know I didn’t do my Sunday post – I had an essay due and obviously since I’m the queen of procrastination I was rushing it on Sunday HAHA

Anyways, last Friday I went to London Fashion Weekend at Saatchi Gallery! I wanted to buy the tickets for the catwalks but I had a volunteering thing at a primary school so I just bought a Bronze ticket (which gave me access to all the shopping!).

There were so many amazing shops and I literally wanted to buy everything!! I really splurged but my favourite item was definitely my sequinned bomber jacket from Talar Nina! LFWend gave such an exclusive shopping experience because the brand’s website hasn’t even launched yet! We also got to meet her because she was manning her own stall and she was so nice.

IMG_2228-0Obviously I got the black one HAHA and I love it so much!

All the shops were really great and I really wanted to buy everything! Another shop I really loved was Ukulele, they had the prettiest dresses ever!

Literally all the shops were great and although some things weren’t my style I wanted everythinggg.

There were 5 rooms and each had different stuff (so like contemporary, designer, accessories, make up etc), and so in the designer room, I got a Burberry scarf which I’m really pleased about!

The accessories area was basically heaven and I got these adorable earrings from Wolf and Moon!

I’m a bag person and so obviously I couldn’t leave without getting bags! I got these adorable leather sling bags from Jas M.B. (they’re one-off pieces I think!)IMG_2230

London Fashion Weekend was great!! (unless you’re running low on cash, then it becomes hell cos you want everything and can’t afford anything HAHA)

Anyways, I can’t believe it’s March! I’ll be doing my February favourites on Sunday so watch out for that!

Happy hump day!