NutriPlan teatox review

Hey guys! 

The people at NutriPlan sent me a 7 day teatox to try out for you so here’s my review! 


So it’s kind of like most other teas, there’s one you drink every morning, and one you drink on alternating evenings! 

I have to say I really love the taste of this one! It’s kind of flowery/fruity (it goes kind of red and rose-y when you leave it in water for a while). 

In terms of effect, I wasn’t really eating healthy this week (lol) and I usually get pretty bloated when I eat junk but the tea really helped with that! It was only 7 days so I can’t say I saw a huge difference but my stomach did feel a bit flatter by the end of it! 

I think it’s definitely worth trying out! 

Happy Sunday 🙂 


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