hi guys!

sorry this took so long, I’ve been out so often since I got back! I’ve got a few job interviews lined up too which is pretty exciting!


here are a few things I got from barcelona! (There’s more but it’s either in the wash or I haven’t unpacked it yet because I’m very disorganized HAHA)

here’s a closer look at some:



I’ve been wanting one of these tops for a really long time, and the button down skirt seems like a huge trend right now so I thought it’d be a cute outfit together!


Top: Brandy Melville
Skirt: Boohoo (bought it for the trip)
Shoes: Topshop


This was one of my favorite purchases! I have this in three colours because I love the cute embroidery, and each has something different!

I also bought some makeup while in Barcelona because even though I don’t really wear makeup I like having options when I decide to doll up!!



Anyways sorry for the really bad post, I’ve been facing a lot of tough stuff so I’ll try to post again once I’m back on my feet!

Hope everyone is having a good summer! 🙂

hi guys!!

I know I haven’t posted in forever, and I’m really sorry!! my exams just ended and I’m packing and moving out and it’s so chaotic 🙁

so I thought I’d just post a quick life update so you’d know I’m coming back haha! I dyed my hair green when I was procrastinating studying for bio!

how do you think it looks? 🙂


I promise I’ll post a full post from Barcelona this weekend!!

Thanks for reading!

Hi guys!!!

So as you all know, I bought a triangl bikini a little while back and I just got to try it out! In this post I’m going to be talking about sizing/fit, shipping, and just my general thoughts on it! So lets get started 🙂

IMG_8658I ordered the penny wanderlust, which is their ‘ollie’ style. It’s a gorgeous blue for the bottoms and a super cute mesh bra-like top! When it arrived, it was all wrapped up nicely, with an individual plastic for the top, bottom, and bag! Speaking of which, I LOVE the bag!!! It’s such a gorgeous colour I’m definitely in love!!!

IMG_8919(it goes with my bedsheets, don’t you think??)

1. Sizing

So when I was reading past reviews, I saw a lot about how the straps for the top weren’t adjustable, but some newer reviews said that they had changed the straps, so mine were adjustable, which was great! After asking for help on the live chat, we concluded that I’d be an S for both my top and bottom! (I’m a 32C and UK6-8, around w26) I was a little worried about the top, as XS was for 32A and S was for 34B, and 34 can be a little large on me sometimes, but it fit pretty okay and I just had to tighten the straps a little bit! They didn’t really move much in the water which was really good too! The only thing to take note of is that the top has no padding.

For the bottoms, they usually recommend that you size up, but because I have like basically 0 booty, I stayed with the S 🙂 What I’ve heard from some friends is that if you don’t really have a butt, there ends up being this air pocket, or like excess fabric, around your butt! My friend who is around the same size as me but has wider hips and is a bit taller bought M for the bottoms instead of S, and they fit except for that awkward extra material around the butt! So it’s good to be careful when deciding (and not overestimating your butt hahahahha) However, even though I didn’t have the air pocket, when I was getting out of the water, I did have some water that kind of pooled at the back of my bottoms, but the minute you’re out of the water it’s fine!

IMG_8929(sorry for all the tshirts & shorts on the floor lmao)

2. Shipping

Triangl has a USD20 shipping fee, which is pretty pricey if you’re just getting one bikini, so I actually shared with my sister and a friend. The shipping was really fast, it arrived within 3 days of payment! Since I’m currently in Singapore, I suppose the shipping time from Hong Kong isn’t too bad! There’s also a warning about customs charges, but I didn’t have any in Singapore (it may differ for other countries!) Everything comes packaged nicely so there’s no need to worry about it being destroyed in the mailing process!


In general I found that the triangl bikini was pretty good, and I’m already looking at others that I may buy! I really love the fit and the material, so if you’re interested you should definitely check it out!

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetMermaids are real tshirt – pull & bear

bikini – triangl

others i’m interested in getting : here and here

Have a good day 🙂