Hey guys! 

The people at NutriPlan sent me a 7 day teatox to try out for you so here’s my review! 


So it’s kind of like most other teas, there’s one you drink every morning, and one you drink on alternating evenings! 

I have to say I really love the taste of this one! It’s kind of flowery/fruity (it goes kind of red and rose-y when you leave it in water for a while). 

In terms of effect, I wasn’t really eating healthy this week (lol) and I usually get pretty bloated when I eat junk but the tea really helped with that! It was only 7 days so I can’t say I saw a huge difference but my stomach did feel a bit flatter by the end of it! 

I think it’s definitely worth trying out! 

Happy Sunday 🙂 

Hey guys! 

I got this suuuuper gorgeous jumper from staysunnychicago earlier this week and I’m absolutely in LOVE!! I stumbled upon their instagram before they launched and messaged them about a collaboration and I’ve been so excited to share this brand with you!! 

I was late for school today and just threw this together but the jumper made my outfit look so put together?? It’s also unbelievably comfortable (I absolutely adore comfortable yet edgy looking clothes!) 


You can get the jumper here, and they also have it in a gorgeous pastel colour scheme if you’re more into that! 

Staysunnychicago is a pretty new brand (they launched this year) but the quality is really great and it’s definitely a brand you should check out! Everything on their website looks great & I’m probably gonna be ordering the pastel version of this soon because it’s so so cute! 

Happy Wednesday 🙂 


Hey guys, so London Fashion Week is upon us, which means loads of lusting over bloggers’ street styles and wishing we were at fashion shows. So to counter that (well a little bit at least), I got tickets to the International Fashion Showcase @ Somerset House!  

 I was still feeling kind of under the weather so I kind of forgot to take photos for most of it but it was really cool to get to see all the different designers/curators explain the collections and the inspirations behind them! 

One of my favourite rooms was the Indonesia room (cos hey, close to home right?)  where they had modern modest wear based on the four elements! 

Another room I really liked was the Romania room, which featured lots of cute jewellery! 


The event also had lots of workshops and interactive features, so we got to do a weaving workshop with Lebanese designer Nour Najem and got our fashion portraits done by Ukrainian designer Masha Reva! 

  (I’m really pleased with the fashion portrait it’s now up on my wall HAHA) 
 As for my outfit, I was feeling kind of sick so I didn’t spend too much time on it (some people there were dressed so well omg) but I thought it’d be fun to mix around with patterns a little! The eye print on my shirt really made the outfit kind of quirky. I also got SO MANY booklets/brochures as you can see HAHA they’re all inside that huge black book!! 

Top: Lazy Oaf 

Skirt: Bank 

Shoes: ASOS 

Bag: Kate Spade 
I’m off to brunch (or lunch cos we’re never on time HAHA) with my cousin, so happy Sunday!