hi guys!! really excited for the next few posts because they’re all going to be haul videos from bangkok, but while I unpack I thought I’d share my outfits and a couple of other exciting things I found in Bangkok haha.

Day 1:

IMG_4553IMG_4557cute baby on the plane who kept touching my face haha

we stayed at the W hotel and I loved the room!

Day 2:

IMG_4583IMG_4593I tried to buy this dress but my mother laughed at me for like 5 minutes straight 🙁
IMG_4598IMG_4599this was so good omg

what i bought in one day wow

Day 3:
we went to chatuchak market and shopped more! i think my parents are broke now
I love thai food!!!
#shoppingismycardio HAHA i love the sign and the outfit so i bought the top hehe
IMG_4625 there’s so much more that I’ve bought and hopefully I’ll finish unpacking and be able to show it to you guys soon! have a good week 🙂

thanks for reading!