Hi guys!!!

I know I kind of left a gap between posts but I believe you’ll forgive me for this one! 🙂

I’m collaborating with Dressed By B to give you guys a treat! (discount code at the bottom of my post hehe)

Dressed By B has both a website (click the link above) as well as a depop account and all the clothes are absolutely gorgeous??


Here are just some of the many items that Dress By B sells:


So since I’m promoting them, I obviously love lots of their stuff, so here are just some of my favourite! I’ll be listing the prices BEFORE discount but once you type in my discount code at checkout you should be able to see the change 🙂

1. No Pants Are The Best Pants tshirt -£12.99  

IMG_9855I remember seeing this on tumblr and going OMG THIS IS SO ME?? and I’ve wanted it ever since, so I’m so excited to have found somewhere to buy it!

2. Lace Up Bodysuit – £17.99IMG_9859

I don’t know why I’m so drawn to this, but I am! It’s gorgeous (and hopefully it’ll look as gorgeous on me when it arrives).

3. ‘Molly’ Blue Playsuit – £21.99IMG_9858

I’ve been lusting over this all over depop but this is the first seller I found with reliable reviews and I’m so stoked!

4. Black Keyhole Dress – £26.99 IMG_9857

I love this because the shape of the dress makes it look super classy while the keyhole just makes it super fun and flirty, which I personally feel is a great combination.

5. Black Two Piece – £24.99


Obviously black is my favourite colour, and this set just looks so flattering (or maybe the model just has an amazing body), but I’d really love to see how I’d pull it off!

So, if you’re as in love with these clothes as I am, be sure to check out http://www.dressedbyb.co.uk/ and type in the discount code NICOLE10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order! 🙂

Happy shopping! Let me know what your favourite is/what you bought! 🙂